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2018 Oregon Rosé

Lively flavors of grapefruit, strawberry, and nectarine fill the palate with notes of lemon custard and kumquat. This wine is rich and expansive with bright acidity and flavors of raspberry and clementine rind through a long-lasting, smooth finish. Learn More

bottle $22.00
Case (12 QTY ) $237.60

2017 Chardonnay

The 2017 Chardonnay opens with beautiful aromas of green apples, honeysuckle and blanched almonds. Light gold in color, this Chardonnay has delightful flavors of guava, ripe peaches, lemongrass, and buttered popcorn with a lingering, bright finish. Learn More

bottle $22.00
Case (12 BTL ) $237.60

2017 Oregon Pinot Noir

Elouan means 'good light,' reflective of the cool yet abundant sunshine found in this winegrowing region. The unique climate and diversity of soil types influence both canopy and fruit, forming the foundation of this wine's northern character. Learn More

bottle $24.00
Case (12 BTL ) $259.20

2017 Missoulan Wash Reserve Pinot Noir

Elegant, bright and textured with notes of cassis, strawberry and cherry with hints of allspice and bacon. Rich and balanced with refined tannins. Learn More

Bottle $48.00
Case (12 BTL ) $518.40

2017 Klamath's Kettle Reserve Pinot Noir

Rich, ripe fruit flavors of plum, cherry, mixed berry jam, and blackberry. Smooth tannins round out the mouthfeel. Learn More

bottle $48.00
Case (12 BTL ) $518.40

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