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Picture of  June 27 Food Pairing Livestream Pack

June 27 Food Pairing Livestream Pack

June 27, 4pm join Joseph Wagner and Chef Jerry Comfort to debunk the food and wine pairing as a challenge. Wine and food pairing has some very basic guidelines that will always work. See how certain elements will change wines the same way.

4-Pack $99.00

Tasting Notes

For our tasting, this is an interactive experience of how the tastes of sweet, sour and salt effect the balance of the 4 different wine styles. The four wines are:
  • Light and dry Elouan Oregon Rose
  • Buttery and oaky Böen Chardonnay
  • Medium intensity Belle Glos Las Alturas Pinot Noir
  • Big and bold Napa Valley Quilt "Fabric of the Land" Red Blend

All you'll need besides that is a lemon, a red apple and salt. See you then!

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